Perfluorosulfonic Acid Resin(DHS1085H)

Product Description

This product is a kind of green solid superacid catalyst, with good heat resistance, chemical stability, high mechanical strength, strong acidity, high selectivity, mild reaction conditions, no corrosion, easy product separation, can be used repeatedly and other advantages, in organic synthesis, Such as alkylation, acylation, nitrification, sulfonation, phosphorylation, polymerization, condensation, etherification, esterification, hydration and rearrangement of chemical reactions have a wide range of selective catalysis.

Product Technical Indicators






White or yellowish granules

Particle Size



Ion Exchange Capacity



End Group



Moisture Content



Decomposition Temperature



1)Microparticle products are sealed by double-layer PE bags.

2)Product packaging quantity is customized according to customer requirements.


1)The drying temperature should not exceed 120℃ to prevent serious discoloration. The recommended drying temperature is 70~80℃.

2)When the product is used, the corresponding labor protection products should be worn to prevent anti-corrosion and other safety risks. Open flame and smoking are strictly prohibited in the workplace, and corresponding exhaust devices should be installed.

3)Products not put into use after opening shall be strictly sealed to absorb moisture and foreign matter.

4)Pay attention to sun protection, moisture-proof, standing and light handling during transportation.

5)Product waste shall be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

6)In the normal use process will gradually fade with time, turn yellow, and then gradually darkening, this is a normal phenomenon, will not seriously affect the performance, can be in accordance with the above resin regeneration treatment to restore catalytic activity.